Above Reason – With Eyes Closed

Question: Why do you believe in something you can’t see? Answer: “Faith” – believing in something we can’t see, tangibly perceive is “programmed in us” by Nature’s evolution. Humans are the only creatures that can become conscious about their own development, evolution. This is why we have this “inbuilt” yearning, need for states we do … More Above Reason – With Eyes Closed

Defining Something We Don’t Know Yet…

Question: How can you create the definition of definition, if you don’t know what definition is until you create it? Answer: You are basically trying to define the Kabbalistic concept of “faith above reason”, which describes progress towards states, goals we do not know yet, as in order to examine, attain those states first we … More Defining Something We Don’t Know Yet…

Grabbing Onto Hope

Question: If everything is truly meaningless and even depressing, why is there such as thing as hope inside all of us human beings? Answer: Your assessment and question is spot on! On one hand we are on a seemingly inevitable path of self-destruction, and at the same time we are still filled with hope that … More Grabbing Onto Hope

Afterlife In This Life

Question: What is the difference between living for this life and living for the life after one dies? Answer: It completely depends on the person’s worldview, one’s level of consciousness, precondition of reality. There are secular people who don’t believe in an “afterlife” so they try to maximize their potential in “this life” as long … More Afterlife In This Life