Acquiring A Higher Reason

Question: How can I be understanding with something I don’t agree with?

Answer: In order to understand, accept something we do not agree with we need to acquire a unique ability called “faith above reason”.

This “faith” has nothing to do with the notion of “faith” as we use it in general. It simply means that I have to accept, try to exist on a level of understanding that is beyond my present reason, logic.

“Reason” is what I see, understand now, what makes sense to me. If despite what I have “in my hand” right now, what my “judge sees without doubts” for a certain purpose I really want to understand, accept what others tell, show me, I have to purposefully rise above my present logic and reason and force myself to live in that “other reality”, according to that “other logic” I receive from others. From my original point of view it is “faith” since according to my mind, logic what the others are telling me has no foundation.

How can this “faith above reason” become my new reason, a tangible reality instead of remaining simple “blind faith”? That depends on who those “others” are and what they project towards me!

Our reason, logic, our perception of reality is by default egocentric, subjective. We do not see the world “as it is”, but we see a personal version of it. If I try to accept the similarly subjective, self-centered vision, worldview of others I do not really gain anything.

But if I enter and work in a unique environment that has the ability through a special, practical method to create a selfless, objective, mutual widow towards “true reality”, and I accept the reason and logic of this special environment over my present subjective mind and logic, then I start getting closer to a true, objective, natural perception of reality.

Then my “faith above reason” will become a true, objective new reason that is more real, more tangible than my original one! Thus everything depends on the environment and the method the environment uses whether I gain blind faith or true perception as a result of accepting the viewpoints of others above my own original reason.

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