The Best Form Of “Self-Help”: Asking Help From Others

Question: How do you help someone help themselves?

Answer: I know it goes against the main direction, belief of our Western society, against all the so called “self-help courses, teachings”, but in truth nobody is capable of helping themselves.

There are two very “graphic” quotes about this: “A prisoner can’t free himself from prison alone”, “One can’t lift oneself by pulling one’s own hair”. It does not matter how great a hero, how successful a pioneer we consider ourselves, we need help from others to get up, to find the right direction and to succeed in whatever we want to succeed.

It is even more so today when we evolved into a globally integrated and fully interdependent world. We are so intricately chained together with myriads of ties, that we can’t even move a finger without influencing the whole system.

Thus our future success, problem solving ability, our collective survival (and individual survival does not exist any longer when we are all sitting on the same boat) depends on how successfully organize mutually supportive and mutually complementing environments around ourselves which will gradually encompass the whole world.

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