Collective Struggle

Question: Is one person’s struggle more important than anothers struggle?

Answer: This was our “modus operandi” until now, each person considering one’s own struggle, fight for survival more important than the struggle, survival of others.

Moreover the media has created the prevalent celebrity culture – based on the same selfish, egoistic paradigm – where seemingly there are “more important” and “less important” people and the struggle of the “more important” people deserves all the attention while the struggle, survival fight of millions of others remains unimportant, irrelevant.

But in a globally integrated and fully interdependent world this false, egocentric paradigm is falling apart. Today the principle of “one for all all for one” operates and the fate of an unknown person in Africa or India is just as important than the fate of a member of a “royal family”, or Hollywood star.

We have to learn what it means to exist in a global, integral world as soon as possible so we can readjust our values, worldviews!

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