Defining Something We Don’t Know Yet…

Question: How can you create the definition of definition, if you don’t know what definition is until you create it?

Answer: You are basically trying to define the Kabbalistic concept of “faith above reason”, which describes progress towards states, goals we do not know yet, as in order to examine, attain those states first we ourselves have to go through fundamental change.

Einstein has a quote that describe this in other words, “We cannot solve the problem with the same mindset we used when creating the problem…we have to rise to a higher level of understanding, reason in order to solve the problem on the “lower level””.

The Science of Kabbalah provides the solution describing how “faith above reason” works.

At any given level of development we use an inherently egocentric, self-serving, subjective mind, that has “settled” on that given level as we got into grips with our conditions. But this inherently egocentric, self-serving, subjective mind will inevitably lead to crisis, confusion since it is after all limited, subjective.

Thus in order to progress and rise to a higher level we have to annul, discard our mind and logic on the given level, to create an empty vessel, “reformatted hard-disk”, where a new program, new consciousness, perception of reality can be installed. This installation comes from Nature, from its purposeful and intelligent evolutionary force, that is “patiently waiting” for us to create the opening.

Contrary to our inherently proud, individualistic belief we actually do not have any Wisdom, knowledge that originates from within ourselves. Whatever we have we receive from Nature where all the blueprints, all the data is stored. Thus when we reach a desperate need – either through intolerable suffering, or by purposeful, proactive self-annulment – and create the empty vessel, Nature immediately uploads the next necessary software upgrade.

Then we can examine, attain and define/name what was incomprehensible, unattainable before. But our egoistic nature does not remain still and as soon as we stabilize ourselves through the new understanding on the higher levelpride, self-justification kicks in, it immediately, inevitably distorts, corrupts the Wisdom we received, thus the cycle starts again.

This is all a purposeful, predetermined developmental process we have to go through, in order to reach a final, most optimal state where we come to attain, encompass and define, “name” realty’s complete, perfect system.

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