Successful Life

Question: What is most important to you? Being successful in the world or being successful in life?

Answer: For me the two are the same. I cannot be successful in life if I am not successful in the world.

The question is of course what I need to be successful in?

I try to be successful by following Nature’s most fundamental laws, keeping balance and homeostasis in closed, fully integrated and interdependent Natural systems. Since Human society – from the level of family through tribe, nation, continent to global Humanity – is also a closed, integrated and interdependent Natural system, we won’t be able to solve our mounting collective problems and survive, unless we adapt these Natural laws onto our Human relationships.

If I – and many others who work hard on the same goal – succeed in practically applying Nature’s law of balance and homeostasis – which ancient sages expressed poetically, archaically as “love others as yourself” – at least to a small, critical mass in Humanity, then we will all become successful in life.

First of all we will safeguard our survival, moreover through our upgraded, true, selfless, mutually responsible and mutually complementing, “loving” connections we will start sensing a qualitatively much higher level of life.

That will be our greatest, collective success, arriving to the “truly Human” level of evolution, fulfilling evolution’s plan by performing our unique role in it, consciously securing balance and homeostasis all through the system.

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