The Root Cause That Needs Correction: Ego!

Question: What reasons cause people or even entire civilizations to self-destruct? Is it inevitable in some cases?

Answer: This is a crucially important question for our generation! Our recurring and worsening vicious, historic cycles – as we helplessly swing from left to right, one extreme ideology and oppression to the other – originate from a single root: from our inherently selfish, hateful and greedy Human nature.

And this nature is not confined to certain individuals, groups of people, cultures, religions or nations. The same ego drives all of us. And if we do not find a way of “defusing”, correcting, upgrading this Human ego our total self-destruction – like in the case of cancer – is inevitable!

All the prophecies Humanity knows – which without exemption all predict “Armageddon” – are based on the instinctive, uncorrected scenario, the “path of suffering”, if we do not change our present developmental path to a different one.

Fortunately we have the chance and obligation to make that fateful change, our unique Human mind is capable of critical self-assessment, to initiate self-change. But we have to initiate this change right here right now as we are beyond the 11th hour!

Humanity is standing at very sensitive, crucial crossroads. If we do not start a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, campaign – which education can explain to us our inherent nature, its evolutionary necessity, how this nature can be corrected, upgraded in order to facilitate our integration with each other and Humanity’s integration into Nature cosmic system – we will continue our vicious historic cycles until we sleepwalk into a global meltdown which will wipe out most of Humanity.

Then the handful of survivors will perform the necessary self-change as a result of the unspeakable, intolerable suffering they endured.

It is in our hands to choose the positive, constructive path and change ourselves consciously, proactively, preventing such inhuman suffering!

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