The Natural Laws Of Success In Global World

Question: What are 10 laws to live by in pursuing success?

Answer: We evolved into a world where everybody depends on everybody else, where we have all become individual cells, cogwheels of a single, fully integrated system.

Thus success depends on building positive, constructive, mutually supportive and mutually complementing relationships, cooperation with each other.

While this sounds relatively easy, it is actually almost impossible. Our inherently self-centered, self-serving, self-justifying, proudly individualistic, hateful and greedy nature is ready to do anything except to make true compromises and unite with others for selfless, collective goals.

This is why unique, empirical scientists – who studied and fully understood inherent Human nature and the “iron” laws Nature’s integral system is built on – suggested two basic laws we need to fulfill in order to solve problems and survive.

The first law is the first step “not doing to others what we hate for ourselves”. This is the state when we learn how to stop, restrict our instinctively hateful, ruthlessly competitive, exploitative actions, reactions towards each other.

The second law is already a much higher degree, expressed through “love others as yourself”, where we become capable of even using our inherent ego, our lust for more, our insatiable desires for pleasures for the sake of others in a very special, purposefully built mutual Human network.

The rest of the laws – 10, 100 or 613 – are only in order to facilitate, complement these two main laws, which laws are all built on the “iron laws”, principles Nature’s perfect system is based on.

When Humanity – or at least a necessary “critical mass” will be built on such “mutual guarantee”, we will finally experience, enjoy sustainable success and endless progress, prosperity. In order to comprehend and start such unprecedented changes we need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method.

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