Grabbing Onto Hope

Question: If everything is truly meaningless and even depressing, why is there such as thing as hope inside all of us human beings?

Answer: Your assessment and question is spot on! On one hand we are on a seemingly inevitable path of self-destruction, and at the same time we are still filled with hope that something “good” will happen and we will be saved.

At the moment we are operated by a completely selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy Human software. And as a result Humanity has now maneuvered itself into a corner where from there is seemingly no escape. There is no solution for the deepening global crisis that is engulfing every facet of Human activity.

There is no solution, we have no chance of surviving unless we can rise to a different, higher level of consciousness, as Einstein also noted (“problems cannot be solved from the same level they were cause from”).

Fortunately there is a presently dormant, deeper layer of “original software” in us, one that we inherited from the perfect Natural system we evolved from. Although our proud, egoistic Human software suppresses that natural way of life right now, although our ego completely disconnected us from Nature’s balanced “circle of life” and the “mutual guarantee” existing in the Universe, we can revive that “primordial”, deeper software in unique, purposeful conditions.

Then we can reach a state where the original natural software neutralizes, overrides the egoistic software and then we can find the solutions to our problems and safeguard our collective survival by the mutual guarantee we build in Human society with the help of the fully operational natural software.

Our “eternal”, irrepressible hope stems from the deep, so far unconscious knowledge, sensation that “there is something good in us”. This “good” is the so far dormant natural software, which we now have to revive and learn to use in order to continue our Human journey.

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