Hopeful Recognition

Question: What do you find hopeful about the world today? Answer: What I find hopeful about the world today is that finally we started to recognize that the root cause behind all of the mounting, global problems we are suffering from is our own, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective and egotistic nature, that drives all of … More Hopeful Recognition

Exciting Future

Question: How do future excites you? Answer: The future truly excites me, as for the first time we can use our true free choice! Contrary to our proud but foolish beliefs so far all through Human history we did not have freedom to choose our actions, directions at all. We have all been blindly following … More Exciting Future

Grabbing Onto Hope

Question: If everything is truly meaningless and even depressing, why is there such as thing as hope inside all of us human beings? Answer: Your assessment and question is spot on! On one hand we are on a seemingly inevitable path of self-destruction, and at the same time we are still filled with hope that … More Grabbing Onto Hope