Exciting Future

Question: How do future excites you?

Answer: The future truly excites me, as for the first time we can use our true free choice!

Contrary to our proud but foolish beliefs so far all through Human history we did not have freedom to choose our actions, directions at all. We have all been blindly following our inherently selfish- egoistic, subjective nature that has been driving us through natural instincts, hormonal reactions.

This is why Human history has been a long chain of helplessly recurring vicious cycles as civilizations with hopeful ideologies, and systems came and gone. Today we are sinking into our own civilization ending meltdown, which – unless we find a conscious way out – could wipe out most of Mankind.

So why am I still hopeful and excited?!

Because we are in such a deep trouble and we collected so much historic experience, that finally we started to recognize our own nature as the root cause of all our problems and almost inevitable demise.

Moreover we also have a purposeful, practical educational method available, which – if chose by a critical mass of people – could catapult us out of our deepening crisis, pointing the way towards a qualitatively higher level of future existence!

Thus for the first time we are at crossroads, where we can choose to take our fate into our own hands, and determine the life we can and will mutually, together live in.

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