Irrational Humans

Question: I consider myself a rational and logical individual. So then why do I do stupid things? Is this part of being human?

Answer: Yes, it is part of being Human.

Although most of us consider ourselves logical, rational, it is frankly an illusion. In truth we are primarily “sentient” creatures, perceiving and computing reality through our emotions, emotional inputs.

By default all of our actions are governed by instincts and hormonal reactions. This is why we keep repeating the same mistakes, fall into the same traps.

Our mind and logic is there “only” to sort, catalog and prepare our emotions for further use.

If we want to get hold of our emotions and balance it with a proper mind and logic, first we have to learn a bit more about ourselves and develop a new mind and logic that can control the inherently instinctive and hormonal behavior.

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