Irrational Humans

Question: I consider myself a rational and logical individual. So then why do I do stupid things? Is this part of being human? Answer: Yes, it is part of being Human. Although most of us consider ourselves logical, rational, it is frankly an illusion. In truth we are primarily “sentient” creatures, perceiving and computing reality … More Irrational Humans

Magic And Science

Question: Assume magic is real…Does that make things better or worse? Answer: I don’t think that magic – blind, unfounded belief in something “supernatural” – would be any better than religions for example. And we can see how much religions have made our lives “better” in the last over 2000 years… After all we exist … More Magic And Science

Irrational Love

Question: Is there something that doesn’t make any rational sense but, still, it’s been confirmed to exist? Answer: Something that does not make any rational sense but still exists, and is conformed to exist is LOVE. LOVE – forgetting about ourselves, immersing into the desires, thoughts and needs of another in order to fulfill those … More Irrational Love