Irrational Love

Question: Is there something that doesn’t make any rational sense but, still, it’s been confirmed to exist?

Answer: Something that does not make any rational sense but still exists, and is conformed to exist is LOVE.

LOVE – forgetting about ourselves, immersing into the desires, thoughts and needs of another in order to fulfill those desires, needs as if they were my own – is completely irrational. It is directly against my own, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective mind and logic!

Still it is confirmed to exist as “TRUE LOVE” is the basis of life, without the state of LOVE we could not create and nurture life.

And even if this notion, how we use, consider LOVE is severely distorted in modern Human society, when we look outside of the distorted, egoistic Human bubble we can see how the whole Natural reality is created, nurtured and developed by absolute LOVE.

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