Finding “Another” Plan For Life

Question: Have you been treated fairly in your life or has life treated you fair?

Answer: If we look at it from our own, inherently selfish, egocentric, subjective point of view, we will inevitable feel that life has treated us unfairly. From this viewpoint our desires, “needs” will never be completely, perfectly fulfilled.

But if we learned how to view life from a different point of view, from the side of Nature’s intelligent evolutionary plan, then we would see that everybody is treated in the most perfect, caring manner.

We live in a completely deterministic, “lawful”, Natural system that is governed by “iron, unbending” natural laws according to an unchanging plan that drives the whole system – including us – towards a final, most optimal goal, end stage.

We can feel as life treating us fairly only when we make our desires, aspirations, goals to match this overall plan. Thus – through the right, practical educational method in the purposefully built environment, “laboratory” – we have to study this plan, practice how to change ourselves accordingly until we reach a perfect match in between what we want and what the plan expects from us.

Only Humans are capable of such conscious self-change, self-tuning. This gives us a new, “Universal Mind”, full intimate knowledge of the system as if we ourselves designed it!

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