We Need To Learn What Truly Good Intentions Are Before We Want To Do Good…

Question: Why would a do gooder do more harm to than good? Answer: Because that person would do good according one’s own egotistic, subjective calculations. At the moment – by default – none of us are capable of making calculations, decisions, intention for any other goal, but to benefit ourselves in any possible way. And … More We Need To Learn What Truly Good Intentions Are Before We Want To Do Good…

Gossip Is Like Cancer, Good, Metastatizes, Destroys

Question: Why do many people think talking behind someone’s back is worse than saying bad things to one’s face? Answer: We can probably use the following example: when people speak behind each other’s back is like an undetected cancer that spreads, destroys but in the lack of proper diagnosis one can’t treat and cure it. … More Gossip Is Like Cancer, Good, Metastatizes, Destroys

Beyond Nietzsche…

Question: What did Nietzsche mean by the transvaluation of values? Answer: First of all I have to admit, that before seeing this question I had no idea about Nietzsche’s philosophy, and his idea about the “value system”. So by reading the other answers and some other sources in the Internet I have already learned quite … More Beyond Nietzsche…

What’s The Use Of Guilt, If We Aren’t Guilty?!

Question: Can guilt be a helpful/healthy emotion? When is guilt most/least helpful in your experience? Answer: First of all we would need to examine what the guilt is for. For example guilt presumes that the person is actually guilty, meaning had a free choice about one’s actions and purposefully, intentionally choose to commit a crime. … More What’s The Use Of Guilt, If We Aren’t Guilty?!

Incurable Alcoholics

Question: Why do humans do the opposite of what they know is good? Answer: Because we are not intellectual, but emotional creatures, 100% led by our instincts, hormonal reactions. Thus although we might understand with our reason, logic that we have to behave in a certain way to improve our situations, to solve problems, our … More Incurable Alcoholics

Irrational Humans

Question: I consider myself a rational and logical individual. So then why do I do stupid things? Is this part of being human? Answer: Yes, it is part of being Human. Although most of us consider ourselves logical, rational, it is frankly an illusion. In truth we are primarily “sentient” creatures, perceiving and computing reality … More Irrational Humans

Overriding The Autopilot

Question: When did you realize your life was in “autopilot,” as in, you weren’t in control? Answer: I had this suspicion for a long time, that we are simply going through the motions, “living” life automatically, blindly lead by instincts, hormonal impulses regardless of the positions, professions, successes or failures we encounter in life. But … More Overriding The Autopilot