Success Through Trusting Others Instead Of Trusting Ourselves

Question: How can I learn to stop second guessing my instincts and learn to trust in myself? Answer: I apologize in advance for answering contrary to what you expect. I think we need to learn not to trust our instincts, not to trust our own mind and logic, and to completely place ourselves into the … More Success Through Trusting Others Instead Of Trusting Ourselves

Judging Through Love

Question: What is something about your partner that you cannot stand? Answer: After 28 years of marriage I think I am “wise” enough not to answer the question directly. Instead I will regretfully “chicken out” from a direct answer, and give a “roundabout”, general answer instead, which answer might be helpful to others as well. … More Judging Through Love

Becoming Alive

Question: Are you alive or just suriving? Answer: By default we are all simply surviving, languishing. We are blindly chasing our day to day fulfillment through the usual, “animate” (food, sex, family) and “social” (wealth, power, knowledge) desires. This is not a “truly Human” life yet. In order to become alive as “fully fledged” Human … More Becoming Alive

Precise Calculations

Question: If you had the chance to save 1,000 people’s lives knowing that you would die in the process, and no one would know it was you who saved them, would you do it? Answer: My answer to this question might sound “cold”, calculating, but it is based on the precise knowledge of our underlying … More Precise Calculations

Rising Above Human Instincts

Question: Is it true that humans are born without instincts? Answer: Not at all. We are just as instinctive by default as other animals, except that we are “worse”, because our Human instincts are completely self-serving, egoistic, exploitative, thus instinctively we behave like cancer in Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent cosmic system. But this gives … More Rising Above Human Instincts