Looking Into The Magic Mirror

Question: What is one small thing everyone could do to have a massive impact on the world?

Answer: As wise, empirical scientists – who managed to fully map and attain the intricate system of Natural reality, with its intelligent evolutionary plan and all of its cause and effect processes – teach, “changing the world” means “changing ourselves.

Our picture of the world is a personal “movie projection” as a result of our inherently egocentric, introverted and subjective perception of reality. What we see “outside” is how we ourselves assess what we get into contact with according to our own self-serving, self-justifying, selfish calculations, desires, necessities.

Thus the world is our own mirror, we only see our own qualities, calculations reflected back to us.

Thus the first,smallest thing we can do in order to have a positive impact on the world is to see the world as our own mirror. As a result we will stop trying to change others, we will stop trying to correct, “solve” the world.

Instead we will start trying to change, refine, upgrade ourselves, our own qualities, the way we approach things, others. And then through these inner, self-changes we will start to see a true, massive impact on the world, how we see the world “outside”

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