What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Question: What bothers you most about tomorrow?

Answer: What bothers me most is whether we will have a tomorrow at all, and if we do, then what kind of tomorrow will we have?

We can twist it any way we want, we can side with whichever “partisan” side we want, I do not think we can shut our eyes so much that we would not see that the direction Humanity is heading towards now is a self-destructive one.

And we already know that we can’t change anything, we can’t solve problems with political, economic, social or military means. Despite getting excited at each new elections, running to the polls to elect new, more “hopeful” people, parties, very soon we find that they fall into the same traps, they make the same “mistakes”, “sins” as all the others before them.

And there are no surprises here. We are helpless as long as we are all driven by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective nature. Any solution, any positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connection, cooperation is possible only when we correct our nature and rise above the usual instinctive reactions, attitude.

And that fundamental self-change – without coercion, by positive motivation – is only possible through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method.

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