Valuable Cogwheel

Question: How can I be more valuable to my job?

Answer: We all have to look at ourselves as cogwheels in a fully integrated and interdependent system.

Then it does not matter where we are, what job we are doing, in what position we are, whether we are a big, shiny, “all important”, or just a small, rusty, “forgotten” cogwheel.

In a fully integrated system the system cannot function optimally, it screeches to a halt even if that smallest, rusty cogwheel malfunctions, if it doesn’t turn together with the others at the same speed and direction.

Thus each cogwheel needs to learn the function, optimal operation and state of the whole system and what each other’s cogwheel’s unique role is in it, and how that role can be best fulfilled in order to safeguard the perfect operation of the whole system.

If we maintain this mindset and keep putting it into practice wherever we are, we will become the most valuable asset to our job, and to our environment.

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