Inevitable Lies Without Knowing The Truth

Question: Is it possible to never lie in your entire life?

Answer: It is not possible. And even if we made all the effort not to lie, even if we tried to keep the best intention to be truthful, we would still catch ourselves “lying”, simply because we look at the world through our inherently self-serving, self-justifying and subjective nature, viewpoint.

Which means that most of the time what is true from our point of view is false from the viewpoint of another. What we consider good is inevitably bad for others.

In order to come to perceive, sense and “tell the truth”, first we would need to acquire a completely selfless, transparent and objective perception of reality. We need to build a pure, unblemished observer point through purposeful, methodical self-annulment towards other people in a uniquely organized and conducted closed group.

As a result the members of that group can build a collective, mutual “window” through which they can observe and research reality as it is, discerning what true and false objectively is

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