Subjective Immortality

Question: What is subjective immortality? Answer: Our perception of reality is 100% subjective, thus whatever we experience, sense is subjective. We can reach a realistic, tangible sense, perception of immortality – without the need to die in the physical sense – when we upgrade our perception of reality. If we – in a unique, closed … More Subjective Immortality

Changing Our Perception Changes Reality

Question: Are our lives ordered and predestined? Or total chaos and sheer chance? Answer: Both. In truth our life is ordered, predetermined and absolutely perfect. On the other hand through our inherently self-centered, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective consciousness and perception we see hopeless chaos, sheer chance, doom. Thus everything – which reality becomes our real … More Changing Our Perception Changes Reality

Coming To An Objective Perception Of Reality

Question: Can we know objective reality? Answer: Only contrasts, comparative research can give us true attainment, recognition. Thus we need to reveal, recognize objective reality against, in contrast to subjective reality! This is of course not as simple as it sounds, since we are all born with an inherently self-centered, self-justifying, introverted and egoistic nature, … More Coming To An Objective Perception Of Reality

The Oppressive Dogma Of Political Correctness

Question: What would the most politically correct person be like? Would they be nice? It seems like PC people aren’t usually the nicest or happiest. Answer: When one is forced into an unnatural, artificial, pretense state all the time, one cannot be “nice”. Moreover in order to keep such an artificial state alive one has … More The Oppressive Dogma Of Political Correctness

Purposeful Eternity – Through Connecting To Others

Question: Have you ever thought about your purpose in life? We all will die one day, right? Answer: It is true that our physical body will die one day. But it does not mean our actual consciousness, perception of reality has to disappear as well! And while it might sound mystical, theological, science fiction, it … More Purposeful Eternity – Through Connecting To Others