Purposeful Eternity – Through Connecting To Others

Question: Have you ever thought about your purpose in life? We all will die one day, right?

Answer: It is true that our physical body will die one day. But it does not mean our actual consciousness, perception of reality has to disappear as well!

And while it might sound mystical, theological, science fiction, it is not. Our perception and consciousness does not relate to our physical body. Our body is not even “real”. Our actual matter is a desire, the insatiable, ever growing desire for self-fulfillment. Even quantum physics have identified that reality on particle level is not physical, but it is a reality of waves, or forces, we could say thoughts, desires.

This desire that is our matter is by default fully self-focusing, self-serving, self-justifying, only caring about its own fulfillment. We can describe it like a “black hole” that draws everything towards itself. This overwhelming egoistic consciousness with its 100% subjective perception “condenses non-physical reality into a material format”, imagines to itself in a biological “body cover”, trapped into a coordinate system defined by time, space and physical motion.

But we can liberate our consciousness, and perception out of this illusory, physical reality – and this is the Human purpose of our life – by changing how we relate to reality, into what intention we clothe our existence into.

If we – in a unique, purposeful environment, “Human laboratory” start a process of self-annulment towards others, aiming at selflessly, unconditionally serving, loving at others, we can recruit Nature’s evolutionary force – the only acting force in reality – to upgrade our consciousness, perception, allowing us to start sensing existence “outside of ourselves”, through the desires, needs and viewpoints of others.

The more we enter others, care for them, love them “as ourselves”, the more we exit our “original self” and forget about who we used to be. We become the “serving waiter”, that has only one intention: to sense the needs, desires of others and fulfill them perfectly like a baby is served in the mother’s womb.

The closer we get to this ideal, selflessly serving, truly loving state the more we liberate our observer from the inherently egocentric, subjective cocoon. At the end we escape into a “quantum dimension” where the subjective limitations of time, space and physical motion do not apply any longer.

This means that we acquired a consciousness, perception of reality that senses existence in a truly, tangibly eternal,infinite manner!

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