Heavenly Service

Question: Assuming heaven exists, what is the first thing you are going to do once you get your wits about you on the other side (as best you can guess now)? Answer: As unique, wise, empirical scientists explain, “heaven” our the “next world” – a perfect, Natural reality above the limitations of time, space, physical … More Heavenly Service

Investing Efforts Into Building Our Soul

Question: What are some of the non-materialistic things worth investing in? Answer: It is worth investing into your “soul”. And although this sounds very “mystical”, “otherworldly” in fact there is nothing more real and tangible than the soul when we come around to build one. The soul is a completely new “sensory organ” providing us … More Investing Efforts Into Building Our Soul

Total Freedom

Question: What is an awesome thing you’ve done that you think everyone should try at least once? Answer: The most awesome thing I ever encountered was perceiving reality outside of, independent of myself, fully dissolving into the desires, viewpoints of others. There is no greater freedom than to become disconnected from self-awareness, self-concern, viewing the … More Total Freedom

Living Forever Through Others

Question: Would you rather have yourself or your loved ones live forever? Answer: The answer depends on our actual perception of reality. As long as we still instinctively live within our own, inherently egocentric, self-justifying, subjective cocoons, we calculate everything according to our own survival, personal benefit. So by default, honestly we would all choose … More Living Forever Through Others

Infinite Flow Of Natural Pleasure

Question: What is the one thing that will bring more satisfaction and contentment in my life? Answer: Since our original “operating software” is written on a selfish, egocentric “pleasure/pain” principle it is difficult to see or accept, but true satisfaction, contentment comes from selflessly, unconditionally serving, fulfilling others. When we build special, mutual connections built … More Infinite Flow Of Natural Pleasure


Question: What is life? What is life like to live for? Where is our life going to go? Answer: Life is sensing a constant desire for fulfillment, pleasures. If we don’t sense such a desire any longer we don’t exist. We think we live in a biological body that defines us. Today we are obsessed … More Life

Purposeful Eternity – Through Connecting To Others

Question: Have you ever thought about your purpose in life? We all will die one day, right? Answer: It is true that our physical body will die one day. But it does not mean our actual consciousness, perception of reality has to disappear as well! And while it might sound mystical, theological, science fiction, it … More Purposeful Eternity – Through Connecting To Others