Infinite Flow Of Natural Pleasure

Question: What is the one thing that will bring more satisfaction and contentment in my life?

Answer: Since our original “operating software” is written on a selfish, egocentric “pleasure/pain” principle it is difficult to see or accept, but true satisfaction, contentment comes from selflessly, unconditionally serving, fulfilling others.

When we build special, mutual connections built on selfless, unconditional service and love of others in a closed environment, we create a unique, mutual network. And since based on the above mentioned qualities this network becomes similar to Nature’s vast, cosmic system that is built on the same selfless, altruistic qualities, through that similarity we start sensing Nature’s perfect, infinite life-flow, “circle of life” streaming, flowing through our network.

And we detect, decode this flow as eternal, infinite pleasure, contentment which is incomparable to the limited, minuscule sense of satisfaction we can feel in our limited and distorted egotistic, subjective receptive vessels.

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