Finding A Fragile Balance

Question: How do you find a balance between self love and self criticism?

Answer: This is a very important question which points to a state we do not actually have yet but are expected to reach as our new evolutionary Human degree.

By default we are born with an inherently self-serving, “self-loving” and self-justifying, subjective nature. We are unable to honestly criticizing ourselves, thus when we regret something, when we “criticize ourselves”, we regret that we could not fully love, serve ourselves, we weren’t sufficiently successful in exploiting any given situation for selfish reward, profit.

In order to develop a unique duality where true balance can be achieved, first we need to aim and “love of others”, selfless, unconditional service of others in a special environment, where such a “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – action is possible through a purposeful, practical method.

Only through this inclination, direction towards “love of others” can we develop true “self-criticism” when we identify the instinctive self-love as negative, harmful, as if looking at ourselves “from the side”.

Then in between the remaining,, burning self-love, and the newly acquired true “self-criticism” – developed by the efforts to reach “love of others” we open up a completely new independent, objective consciousness, perception of reality in the contrast in between self-justification/self-criticism, self-love/love of others.

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