Perfect Marriage

Question: What marriage values and principles are the most important to you?

Answer: I think this is expressed most beautifully in the phrase, “Husband, Wife and the Divinity in between them”.

A marriage is the most difficult thing in life. After all two, inherently proud, individualistic, 100% egotistic people make a pledge to stay together for the rest of their lives above anything that happens to them!

How is such a “supernatural” pledge possible, moreover how is it possible to keep such a pledge, covenant?!

Only when these two inherently subjective, self-serving, self-justifying egotists reveal in between them a unique Natural force, “entity”: Nature’s “godly” quality, force of selfless, unconditional love and service of another.

This absolutely selfless, unconditional surrender towards another, solely focusing on and fulfilling the desires, needs of the other while viewing reality through the other’s viewpoint without any selfish calculations, distortions is true love.

We can just switch such a “supernatural” quality on, and this “love” has nothing to with the so called “love at first sight”, “hormonal infatuation”, they might serve as an initial spark but nothing more.

True love a marriage can survive, stand on and grow is something that needs to be learned, fostered, tended to from moment to moment by the help of a special education, method which can harness Nature’s singular, life-giving “loving force”.

Awakening, “energizing” this unique force-field in between spouses is the most important principle of marriage, as this force-field gives life to it. And in this case two people do not just marry with one another, but through their perfect union they attach themselves to Nature’s perfect system, becoming part of its “life-flow”.

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