Touching The Void…

Question: Why is silence so deafening sometimes? Answer: Silence is deafening when we know there should be a noise, there should be a sound, something but it does not come. It is a state when we come to a very tense breaking point, examining, evaluating the situation from all angles and we know for certain … More Touching The Void…

The Human Is The Observer Between Good & Bad

Question: Are humans naturally evil or good? Answer: Neither. We are born with an “evil”, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful and subjective ego, which is causing all the developing problems in the world. But this inherent nature is not truly “evil” or “sinful” since we were born like this, we had no free choice about it. … More The Human Is The Observer Between Good & Bad

Learning The Truth About Ourselves

Question: What’s something you learned today that most people don’t know? Answer: Fortunately more and more people learn day by day that the only root cause for all the myriads of problems in the world, the only thing that needs correction is our own, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature. This nature drives us … More Learning The Truth About Ourselves

Success Or Failure?

Question: If you tried to fail, and succeeded in doing so, would you have succeeded or failed? Answer: It solely depends on what our goal is, what we try to achieve, what we consider success. If we aim at reaching direct connection to Nature’s single, all-encompassing life-giving force-field – as it is is determined in … More Success Or Failure?

“There Is No Righteous In The Land Who Hasn’t Sinned…”

Question: Would life be more boring without crime? Answer: Yes, since our whole life experience, perception, recognition unfolds through contrast, comparative research. Thus without crime we would not know what justice, honesty is, without hate we would never know what love is. This is why we Humans are all born as “criminals” – driven by … More “There Is No Righteous In The Land Who Hasn’t Sinned…”

Being Alive

Question: What has made you consider what it truly means to be alive? Answer: Death. Seeing, experiencing death, losing people either in the family or through my medical work. Such a “frequent” encounter with death makes one contemplate about what it means to live or not to live. Many times one looks at a body … More Being Alive