Good Vs Bad, A Matter Of Perspective

Question: Why we taught what is good or bad, If its all matter of perceptions?

Answer: On one hand, even if it is only a matter of perception and we truly live “inside our heads”, in order for our lives, Human society to work, we need some kind of a framework, system in order to prevent chaos, anarchy. This is why in each family, society, nation there is a set of “good vs bad”, a moral, legal framework to help people to adjust to the life of the collective.

On the other hand you are right, as long as this “good vs bad” is arbitrary, made up by our inherently egocentric, subjective nature, our societies, frameworks are fluid, open for subjective interpretations, and thus they are constantly distorted, corrupted which causes our haplessly recurring, vicious historic cycles, one civilization built on the ruins of the previous until this civilization collapses and we start again…

And as these civilization ending explosions are getting closer to each other, as they are getting greater, more destructive each time, we are in a dire need of a unique, purposeful, practical educational method that can help us to rise above our instinctive nature, perception, so finally we could observe reality as it is, thus identifying the absolute good vs bad that controls the world.

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