Purpose: Reconnection!

Question: Can you tell me a story to make me understand the purpose of life?

Answer: Imagine a solitary cogwheel disconnected from a magnificent, perfect, “perpetum mobile” machine that encompasses everything. How would the cogwheel feel, exist?

Imagine a single cell that has been extracted from a perfect, eternal body that can observe and attain the whole Universe above time and space, while the cell was placed into a separate, enclosed Petri dish to live alone in solitary darkness. How would that cell feel, how would it perceive reality?

We are like that solitary cogwheel, sole, isolated cell in our inherently egocentric, subjective, self-serving and self-justifying state we are born into, with the artificial, illusory world around us our desperate, introverted perception paints for itself.

Our purpose in life is a gradual, purposeful, and practical re-connection to the rest of the system, by voluntary annulment of our proud, individualistic ego which is the only partition between us and the rest of the perfect, infinite, eternal system of reality!

Then in the renewed interconnections we start to feel a qualitatively much higher, collective life circulating, sensing Nature’s “circle of life”, life-giving force flowing in the mutual network.

And we are capable of achieving this “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – state through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method in a special “laboratory-like” environment.

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