Mutual Understanding

Question: How does understanding your own suffering help you to understand the suffering of others? Answer: The most important principle, law of perception, understanding is the “law of similarity”. In other words we can’t sense, attain anything unless we ourselves have a previous experience, template of what we sense, attain. This is what it means … More Mutual Understanding

Telling Right From Wrong

Question: Why doing the right thing is not always easy? Answer: Because we don’t know what the “right thing” is! We are all born with an inherently egocentric, subjective consciousness, perception. What we consider right/wrong is true only from our own self-serving, self-justifying viewpoint. And since we exist in a fully integrated, interdependent system where … More Telling Right From Wrong

Limits Of Good Communication

Question: What are the greatest challenges to good communication? Answer: Our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective consciousness, perception. This lock us into our own, selfish, introverted black boxes from where we are unable to hear, feel, understand each other. In order to communicate properly we first need to learn how to rise above ourselves … More Limits Of Good Communication

Positive Attitude

Question: Do you think having a positive or negative attitude influences the way your day goes? Answer: Absolutely! After all we don’t live in an absolute reality that is independent of us. We project reality “around us” through our egocentric, subjective filters. Thus by using positive filters, positive attitude, intention towards others, towards the world, … More Positive Attitude

Flawed Subjective Logic

Question: Why do people believe that human logic is flawed? Answer: Because our inherent mind, logic of 100% egocentric, subjective, thus it is utterly unable to properly, accurately perceive and compute reality around us. Only a unique, unprecedented collective intelligence – built in a special environment through purposeful, methodical self-annulment towards each other – has … More Flawed Subjective Logic

Connecting To Nature’s Infinite Database

Question: What is one thing you know better than anyone else? Answer: There is nothing I know better than anyone. Knowledge, Wisdom is not ours anyway, what we think we have “in our heads” is misguided, egocentric, subjective illusion of knowledge. True knowledge, Wisdom resides in Nature’s perfect, unlimited database. So the question is who … More Connecting To Nature’s Infinite Database