In The Subjective Web Of Time

Question: What is the most imaginative way you can explain time?

Answer: Since we are all born with an inherently self-serving, egocentric and subjective consciousness, perception, imagine yourself as a “spider” in the center of its web, constantly waiting, searching for the next victim, pleasure to capture, or other predator to escape from.

The time and distance towards the next victim, pleasure or escaping from danger gives us the sens of time and space.

We feel ourselves in the center of our subjective Universe, measuring time and space 100% subjectively according to our egocentric “pleasure/pain” calculations.

If we escaped from our inherently selfish, subjective cocoons, web by focusing only at selflessly, unconditionally serving, supporting others – while forgetting about ourselves – the subjective sense of time and space would disappear, giving us the sense of an infinite, eternal existence!

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