A Strange Habit Of Donald Trump

Question: What are some strange habits of Donald Trump?

Answer: I really don’t know him and whatever we “know” about him comes from a completely distorted, biased media propaganda.

But overall one “strange habit” he seems to have is questioning all the accepted, politically correct, established opinions, practices the entrenched final establishment had built during the last decades.

And whether one agrees with Trump or not this must be a good “habit”. We are inevitably sleepwalking towards a global meltdown on multiple fronts – which impending catastrophe has nothing to do with Trump but it’s been building up for a long time – so it is crucial necessary to wake up from our slumber, to review our instinctive, self-destructive practices before it’s too late.

It’s clear that Trump can’t solve the world’s or even the US’s problems. Nobody can do that alone. But everything starts with an honest self-examination, revealing the ailments threatening our collective survival!

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