Telling Others What They Want To Hear

Question: At what point did you realised that people will understand only what they would like to hear?

Answer: Only since I started studying a unique, empirical science which perfectly explains our inherent Human nature.

Since then I know, understand that we are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective consciousness and perception, which is capable of accepting and digesting only such information which is important for its own egocentric “pleasure/pain” operating software.

Thus if I want to make myself heard, I would need to take on the desires, viewpoints of another, turning to that person’s needs and worldview directly above any subjective, egoistic calculations, distortions.

Of course this is not much help if such an effort is not conducted mutually, since that other would not understand “where I am coming from”, as our inherently distrusting nature would immediately become suspicious, hostile towards such unprecedented, intimate “intrusion”.

This is why we have to try this completely new level of communication, interaction in a closed, purposeful,mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment, where we all try to selflessly understand, help, promote each other, so together we could rise to a qualitatively much higher level of collective existence.

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