Losing Time

Question: Have you ever felt like you’ve lost time (supernaturally or otherwise)? Answer: Well, time is a subjective concept. It is only necessary to help us in our inherently selfish, egoistic calculations, that are based on the instinctive self-centered “pleasure/pain” calculations. The notions of time, space and physical motion guide us towards the next expected … More Losing Time

Dead Time

Question: When you are dead does an infinite amount of time pass by in an instant? Answer: When we are dead time disappears. Time is an illusory concept our inherently self-centered, subjective consciousness,perception of reality “makes up”. When the subjective observer disappears, time disappears too. We need the coordinates of time, space and physical motion … More Dead Time

When Time Disappears

Question: Have you ever had a period in your life when time lost all meaning? Answer: What is time? Time is a subjective construct of our self-serving, self-justifying and introverted consciousness, perception of reality. In our default mode we make constant, automatic calculations in order to take ourselves closer to ever greater pleasures, while distancing … More When Time Disappears

Meaning Beyond Time..

Question: Can life still be meaningful even if you were immortal? Answer: “Meaning of life” is not connected to our physical existence, to this corporeal life. Thus mortality, immortality has nothing to do with it. On the other hand our “fear of death” acts as a constant reminder, alarm clock to awaken questions, desires, a … More Meaning Beyond Time..