Traveling Through Time

Question: If you could go back in time, what would be the one thing you know for certain you would do EXACTLY the same?

Answer: I would do everything EXACTLY the same.

Even from the Hollywood interpretations of time travel we know that by trying to change even the most minuscule act, state in the past we would cause immeasurably great, incomprehensible changes how the present and future unfolds.

In order to achieve the desired positive affect in the present, future by changing the past we would need to know the whole, predetermined, intelligent plan of evolution with all of its cause and effect chain. Then we could calculate what exact global changes our little “adjustment” would unravel.

On the other hand if we reached such an attainment, understanding of reality that we saw the whole plan opened up before us, we would know that it is utterly perfect, and nothing needs changing.

Then we could disconnect from the subjective limitations of time, space, logistical motion, freely roaming the system in a truly timeless, infinite manner.

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