Focusing On The Intentions

Question: Which is better – regretting not doing something or regretting doing something?

Answer: Wise, empirical scientists – who managed to research and understand all layers of our natural reality, mapping all cause and effect processes to unveil Nature’s plan of evolution from its beginning to its very end – suggest, that what we do or do not do is secondary. What we really need to focus on and try perfecting is our intentions over the actions (or non-actions).

As even quantum physics started reveal, our reality is based on forces, waves or we could say thoughts, inclinations. The actions are fully determined, they are simply consequences of these hidden forces, thoughts. And through our intentions we can enter this “engine room” of reality and start influencing what happens. Then the actions will change (or not change) as the intentions start acting and changing the fabric of reality.

The time – determined by evolution – has come when we need to shift from existing through actions to existing through our intentions.

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