Dead Time

Question: When you are dead does an infinite amount of time pass by in an instant?

Answer: When we are dead time disappears. Time is an illusory concept our inherently self-centered, subjective consciousness,perception of reality “makes up”. When the subjective observer disappears, time disappears too. We need the coordinates of time, space and physical motion in order to help us strive for, gain selfish pleasures and escape egocentric pain, suffering.

On the other hand we can make time disappear even while we are alive. We can acquire a new, qualitatively higher consciousness, perception of reality that experiences existence above the subjective coordinates of time, space, physical motion. We can rise above our instinctively selfish, egoistic spheres into a selfless, objective state through the right, purposeful environment using a practical educational method.

(And in that state we also escape death by the way…)

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