All Knowing – But Without Freedom

Question: If you knew everything, could you predict anything?

Answer: Knowing everything presumes a completely set, rigid system, where there is no free choice. Thus knowing everything means arriving to a point of recognizing life’s futility.

In that state I do not think I would start “predicting” anything, probably I would want to die (which probably I also cannot do since whether I live or die is also predetermined by the system).

Us living in an unpredictable, seemingly “fluid”, unknown existence is a great present, giving us a free choice in life, giving us the possibility to determine our fate.

And even if at the end of the process we realize that everything has been predetermined all along, and all we did was gradually “coming back to our senses” from a strange amnesia in order to realize that we have no free choice at all, since we came back to our senses, since we researched, mapped that unchanging, perfect system by our own proactive choices, we will not feel deflated, depressed. Through the unique educational process we gain such knowledge as if we ourselves designed the system, bringing it into life.

We will realistically sense as the source of everything, the owners of the Universe.

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