Losing Time

Question: Have you ever felt like you’ve lost time (supernaturally or otherwise)?

Answer: Well, time is a subjective concept. It is only necessary to help us in our inherently selfish, egoistic calculations, that are based on the instinctive self-centered “pleasure/pain” calculations. The notions of time, space and physical motion guide us towards the next expected pleasures, and help us to distance ourselves from pain, suffering.

Thus our sense of time depends on how much we yearn for pleasure, how pressing it is to escape unpleasant situations, how fulfilled and comfortable we are. According to that time either flies, or stands still.

We can learn to “lose time” completely, we can rise to a consciousness, perception that is independent of time, when we sense an unlimited, infinite reality surrounding us. The condition of this tangible and realistic perception is “getting out of ourselves” in order to exist for others, serve and love other selflessly, unconditionally.

As the subjective need for self-protection, self-care, self-service disappears, time, space and physical motion also disappears from the horizon…

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