Lovable Unlovables

Question: Are some humans just unlovable?

Answer: From our own, self-centered, self-justifying and distrusting point of view all Humans are unlovable (except of course our most immediate loved ones who we consider as part of ourselves).

But this is not a problem. “True Love” is built above and despite rejection, outright hate against others. Love is only true when we managed to build a true, sustainable, positive, mutually serving, loving connections with another above and against our resisting, hating ego. If I “love” someone from within the selfish ego that is not love, it is a certain exploitation of the other for my own pleasure.

The instinctive egoistic rejection, hate provides the necessary background to measure, prove love against!

Only love built on top of hate is true love, and of course it is not “hormonal, natural, instinctive”, it has to be built methodically, purposefully using the right, practical educational method in a “loving environment”.

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