When Time Disappears

Question: Have you ever had a period in your life when time lost all meaning?

Answer: What is time?

Time is a subjective construct of our self-serving, self-justifying and introverted consciousness, perception of reality. In our default mode we make constant, automatic calculations in order to take ourselves closer to ever greater pleasures, while distancing ourselves from suffering, painful stimuli.

The subjective coordinates of time, space and physical motion help us in this never ending effort, assisting our egocentric “pleasure/pain” operating software.

So when does time disappear?

Time disappears at times when we managed to forget about ourselves.

How can we forget about ourselves?

When we are in unique states of “love”, when we become immersed in the desires, thoughts, necessities of others, and our only concern is to fulfill those “other desires, needs”.

When we care only about others, our only desire is to serve others in the most perfect manner, we lose our connection to those subjective coordinates. Thus we suddenly find ourselves in an infinite, eternal reality with endless desires need to fulfill and an unlimited, “superhuman” ability to fulfill them.

Can we actually reach an eternal life as a result?

If we purposefully, methodically “train ourselves” – in the right, mutually supportive and mutually fulfilling environment, using an appropriate, practical method – to enter and stay inside the desires and needs of others while we disconnect ourselves from any selfish, egoistic calculations – which is possible since our own needs would be fulfilled by those “loyal others” doing the same towards me what I do towards them – then after a while we cut all the anchors that tied us to the above mentioned subjective, selfish coordinates.

And then we find ourselves in a completely different, qualitatively higher consciousness, perception of reality that provides us with the sense of an eternal, infinite existence

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