Being Absent From Our Own Funeral…

Question: If you had a choice to chose the way you die, what would it be?

Answer: I want to die in a way that I don’t actually notice it.

We can reach a state of consciousness, perception of reality where the state, life or death of our biological body becomes completely irrelevant, as we managed to sense our actual existence in a completely different, non-material dimension, plane.

And while this might sound ludicrous, or like science fiction, the latest revelations of quantum physics have already showed us that at that basic, elemental level of existence there is nothing “solid”, tangible. True reality is a world of forces, “thoughts”, ”emotions”.

The physical, Newtonian world we seemingly live in is simply an illusion our undeveloped, still egocentric and subjective mind and perception creates in order to help us sense some kind of “lowly existence” so we can start developing into the infinite, eternal being we are capable of becoming.

Today we do not live a true life, we are simply lingering on in this “illusory Matrix”with an enormous, truly Human potential. And as long as we did not convert this potential into a real existence we sense ourselves being born, living and dying in an imaginary physical world with this imaginary biological body.

I would like to convert my Human potential to reality so by the time the biological body and its physical environment fades away I do not even notice it…

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