Touching The Void…

Question: Why is silence so deafening sometimes?

Answer: Silence is deafening when we know there should be a noise, there should be a sound, something but it does not come.

It is a state when we come to a very tense breaking point, examining, evaluating the situation from all angles and we know for certain that there should be something filling a void, something that breathes life into a lifeless situation.

It is like we know we should take a deep breath and we can’t, there is no air.

We are in such a situation in the world today when we know we should build proper connections, unity in order to solve our mounting global problems, but we simply cannot as our inherently selfish, egoistic nature does not allow it. We want to take a step towards each other but the instinctive distrust, animosity holds us back. We see everything ruined, everything slipping through our fingers but there is nothing we can do!

Thus we are all standing here in this deafening, threatening silence as we were all ejected into space without a proper suit and oxygen.

What will we do?!

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