Developing Through Heartbreak

Question: How does heartbreak affect your everyday life?

Answer: Heartbreak, pain, suffering is the most potent motivating factor. A true heartbreak is a true “prayer”, where “prayer” does not mean a religious act, but it means a very real, tangible self-assessment, seeing one’s actual non-optimal, and a next, higher, more optimal state which on seemingly cannot reach, achieve.

When we reach such a true heartbreak, desperately helpless sense in between our current state and a better unreachable one, it unlocks, awakens in us previously unknown, dormant abilities, as if a new upgraded software was installed.

Then we can start anew on a higher level until the next heartbreak when this repeats itself. This is how we can develop from state to state and we can actually purposefully, consciously control, hasten this process in the right environment, with a unique educational method designed to put the control over Human evolution into our hands.

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