The Deafening Silence Before The Storm…

Question: If actions are louder than words, what is the most deafening noise that you have heard?

Answer: It is the deafening silence.

We are seemingly all standing by, paralyzed, helplessly watching like in a cinema how our civilization is going up in flames, how we are all sleepwalking towards a global disaster which could be triggered any moment from multiple potential trigger points – like climate change, geopolitical conflicts, financial, economic collapse, antibiotic resistance caused plagues, societal breakdown, revolutions due to growing inequality, “baseless hate” between people…

This deafening silence is understandable since we have no idea how to solve the problem that is rooted in our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature that drives all of us.

At least we already see that all our previous theories, ideologies, systems and solutions are doomed, but we do not have anything up in our sleeves.

Only a unique, purposeful and practical educational method – that is designed to change us, upgrade our nature from within – can give us the ability to build the necessary mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation our problem solving ability and collective survival depends on.

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