To Make A Mistake, Commit A Crime, We Have To Have Free Choice First!

Question: They say there are no mistakes in life; does that mean our life is already predestined? Answer: A “mistake” means that we have multiple options to choose from and we accidentally choose the wrong options. If everything is predetermined and we have absolutely no choice in life, we can’t make mistakes or commit crimes … More To Make A Mistake, Commit A Crime, We Have To Have Free Choice First!

Love Above All

Question: What comes first, health, wealth or love? Answer: Love – meaning “true love”. “True love” is very different from the “love” we define in our usual life. The usual “love” is also called “fish-love” – meaning “I love fish because it tastes good”. Thus the instinctive love we feel, we sing, write, dream about … More Love Above All

The Reason And Purpose Of Political Extremism

Question: Why has everyone become very politically opinionated lately? Answer: We have reached our egotistic Human development. Whether we accept it or not, whether we are aware of it yet or not, we are all proudly individualistic, self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective creature with very strong personal opinions, identities. The misguided, unfounded and increasingly dogmatic, … More The Reason And Purpose Of Political Extremism

Constant Comparisons

Question: Do you have the habit of comparison? Answer: Yes, and it is a very important habit. Without comparison, without using contrasts, comparative research we can’t attain, perceive, understand anything! Our whole perception of reality is based on comparisons. How would be able to perceive sweet without also tasting bitter, feel warmth against cold, love … More Constant Comparisons

There is no evil without good, no good without evil

Question: Do those who deny that there is such a thing as “evil” also deny the existence of “good”? Answer: Yes, exactly! There is no perception, attainment without contrasts. The whole reality is built upon two opposing forces, without them, without the constant interaction in between them there would be no life, more precisely we … More There is no evil without good, no good without evil

How To Measure Perfection?

Question: Is everything comparable? Answer: Yes. Without comparative research, without seeing contrasts we would have no chance of perceiving reality. Even absolute perfection, absolute beauty, absolute truth needs to be compared to, contrasted with its opposite. This explains why Human beings – the only living creatures in reality with the conscious ability to perceive, attain … More How To Measure Perfection?

One Needs To Know Justice In Order To See Injustice

Question: To experience injustice, is it necessary to know what is right? Answer: I would think so. After all how can we identify injustice without knowing what justice is? Unfortunately in our artificial Human bubble we have been building for centuries we developed the notion that we can simply decide things arbitrarily, based on our … More One Needs To Know Justice In Order To See Injustice

Defining, Refining Human Nature

Question: What is a simple defintion of human nature? Answer: Our matter, driving force is an insatiable desire, yearning for pleasures, happiness for ourselves. This neither good or evil, each and every element, living creature is driven by a similar desire for self-preservation, optimal fulfillment of necessities. Our Human uniqueness – received from Nature’s evolution … More Defining, Refining Human Nature