How To Measure Perfection?

Question: Is everything comparable?

Answer: Yes. Without comparative research, without seeing contrasts we would have no chance of perceiving reality.

Even absolute perfection, absolute beauty, absolute truth needs to be compared to, contrasted with its opposite.

This explains why Human beings – the only living creatures in reality with the conscious ability to perceive, attain Nature’s perfection – had to be born with an “absolutely evil”, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature.

Only by methodically, proactively developing, acquiring an opposite, perfect, selfless, altruistic intention, inclination can we attain, verify and justify nature’s perfection in contrast to the “evil nature” we were born with and can compare everything else to.

Then “evil” will become absolute good, since without that evil we would have never had the chance of attaining perfect good, absolute beauty, absolute truth!

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