One Needs To Know Justice In Order To See Injustice

Question: To experience injustice, is it necessary to know what is right?

Answer: I would think so. After all how can we identify injustice without knowing what justice is?

Unfortunately in our artificial Human bubble we have been building for centuries we developed the notion that we can simply decide things arbitrarily, based on our self-serving, egocentric, subjective illusions, philosophies.

But perception, true research, understanding is comparative. Our conclusions, discernment are valid only, when one thing is established, examined against its contrasting opposite.

After all we would not know what sweet is without sensing bitter as well. True love is also indiscernible without sensing “unfounded hate” at the same time.

We can’t, won’t recognize understand the limitations of our instinctively egoistic, introverted, self-destructive Human nature, existence until we do not recognize and study the true perfection of Nature’s altruistic, unconditionally serving system, seeing, attaining all of its laws and principles that sustain balance and homeostasis.

Without the absolute “natural standards” – which we can recognize only through a purposefully, methodically acquired selfless, objective point of view – we remain in our own artificial darkness, confusion and will never be able to discern “right from wrong”, “justice from injustice”.

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