Defining, Refining Human Nature

Question: What is a simple defintion of human nature?

Answer: Our matter, driving force is an insatiable desire, yearning for pleasures, happiness for ourselves. This neither good or evil, each and every element, living creature is driven by a similar desire for self-preservation, optimal fulfillment of necessities.

Our Human uniqueness – received from Nature’s evolution – is that this desire is constantly, exponentially grows, and it is “equipped” with a selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy intention.

In other words we operate outside of Nature’s “circle of life”, mutual guarantee, where each and every particle, element, life-form observes Nature’s laws of balance and homeostasis, considering itself a mutually responsible and mutually complementing cogwheel, cell in the system.

Humans instinctively behave like cancer, exploiting, consuming everything and everybody to the point of total destruction, self-destruction.

But we are also the only creatures with free choice and with a unique analytical mind that is capable of critical self-assessment, capable of initiating conscious self-change.

Thus after we revealed our inherently “cancer-like” nature and the destruction we are causing – which “recognition of evil” is happening today in masses of people all over the world – we cant start correcting, upgrading ourselves with a new, selflessly, unconditionally loving, bestowing intention. Then we will possess two opposite “reins”, a negative and positive one.

By balancing the two contrasting intentions consciously, we become the special, independent, objective Human observer in reality we are destined to become!

This process is defined by evolution, our free choice, participation is to do it consciously, proactively – through the right, purposeful, practical educational method – instead of waiting to Nature “to beat us to it”.

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